• Fruitland Facts: The founders of the Fruitland Chamber of Commerce were Nalia Gordy (Gordy's Pantry and Petrol), Dave Morgan (Unfinished Furniture Warehouse), Henry Tilman (Bank of Fruitland), Rick Pollitt (City of Fruitland's Town Manager), and Bunk Mann(Mann Insurance Associates).

  • Fruitland Facts: The first Fruitland Chamber meeting was held on April 29,1992 at City Hall. Thirty people representing 26 local businesses were in attendance.

  • Fruitland Facts: The Fruitland Chamber raises money for the Fruitland Scholarship fund, which gives away at least two $500 scholarships each year.

  • Fruitland Facts: The first Christmas Lighting Ceremony was held on November 30, 1992. The first Christmas Parade was held on December 12, 1993.The Christmas Parade lasted 4 years and was eventually replaced by our popular and unique Easter Parade.

  • Fruitland Facts: The first "Business of the Year" Award was presented to Mann Insurance Associates in 1996.Since 1997, this business has been known as Mann and Gray Insurance.Mann and Gray was the recipient of the Business of the Year Award in 2008.

  • Fruitland Facts: The first "Citizen of the Year Award" was presented to Alfred H. Stewart in 1993. The first "Police Officer of the Year Award" was presented in 2005 to then-Chief Paul Jackson.

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